Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life's Twisted Ways... Plus Good Books

Hmmm... interesting the way life works. Here I sit, avoiding certain people like the plague, and contemplating over the way life has been lately. Right now, I have to read through 3 books in the next three weeks for school. And I love it. This only further assists me in my plan to avoid all signs of humanity. Now I realize this may sound unhealthy, but lately I'm particularly stuck on wanting to be alone. It's funny how the people you want attention from won't give you the time of day anymore, but everyone else on the planet will. Hence my plan to just completely go into isolation for awhile. Just give me some good tunes, a few books, and lots of coffee and I'll be happy...for the most part.

Playlist includes
: Elliott Smith, Counting Crows, Ryan Adams, Coldplay, Incubus, Garden State soundtrack, Beatles, Iron and Wine, a little Fuel, some Pearl Jam, maybe a few Dylan tunes...and a couple Phish songs. Oh and Led Zeppelin because I can't go anywhere without them.

Reading list is as follows
: Tom Wolfe's The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, Emily Morse Symonds' A Writer of Books, and Lisa Carey's In The Country of Young.

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